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About is a new social networking service, targeting active net users, who are looking forward to getting to grips with their own business, creating and running very own projects, joining a team of professional soul mates or discovering new realms for successful investments as well as getting investment funds to boost your business, and much more.

We strongly believe in partnership as a key means for becoming successful in any field. PARTNEX is meant to pull like-minded people together and ignite them with the idea of mutual success.

We have launched this project based upon our own needs and expectations of all the participants. Each of us is being successful in his/her branch and each has his/her unique vision and a lot of experience.
We have joined together for meeting needs of many businessmen in terms of partner search who would share the same values and look for mutual development and capital growth.
Oleksandr Chornovol
Founder • CEO
Anton Artemev
Cofounder • Frontend Developer
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